Season 1: (Click to Watch!)

* 01. You Can't Miss The Bear 06/08/2005

* 02. Free Goat 14/08/2005

* 03. Good Shit Lollipop 21/08/2005

* 04. Fashion of the Christ 28/08/2005

* 05. Lude Awakening 04/09/2005

* 06. Dead In The Nethers 11/09/2005

* 07. Higher Education 18/09/2005

* 08. The Punishment Light 25/09/2005

* 09. The Punishment Lighter 02/10/2005

* 10. The Godmother 09/10/2005

Friday, September 4, 2009

Watch Weeds Season 1 For Free

Below is a synopsis of season 1 of the hit TV show Weeds. If you are looking to watch weeds season 1, visit our site and you will be able to watch weeds season 1 now. Once following the link you will see that every episode is available for you to watch.

The show Weeds takes place in a made up suburb of Los Angeles, named Agrestic. Nancy Botwin lives in this suburb, and her husband Judah had unexpectdly passed away after having a heart attacking during jogging with Shane, his son. This happened chronologically before the first season. If you want to watch weeds season 1 then visit our links and you will have access now. Nancy has two children, named Silas and Shane and they both goto Agrestic Public Schools.

Nancy lives an upper middle class lifestyle, and started dealing Pot to her neighbors and friends in her town to support this lifestyle. Nancy purchases her weed from a major dealer in the Los Angeles West Adams District named Heylia James. Heylias nephew Conrad had introducted Nancy to Heylia. When some of Nancy's number one customers start getting their weed from Medical marijuana clinics, Nancys sales go way down. Are you reading this and you want to watch weeds season 1? Visit our links for immediate access. She resorts to using low quality marijuana to make pot brownies and baked goods to keep earning profits.

Her accountant, City Councilman Doug wilson and her attorney, her friend Celia Hodes' partner Dean, help her to open a bakery which will be a front that will be used to make drug sales of her pot edibles she had made. She buys all of her other food at Costco, and puts it on the shelf and sells it as her own to also turn a profit. Megan and Silas start to date. Megan is an attractive deaf girl who goes to school with Siles. Shane, who witnessed his father dying during their jogging incident, is a troubled young man who has a history of acting up. Shanes nickname is "Strange Botwin" because of his history of acting out. If you want to watch weeds season 1 you will see this behavior and how the character develops. As an example of his actions, he bit a childs foot at a martial arts tournament he was taking place in.

Season 1 Trailor:

After reading that you probably are interested in finding somewhere to watch weeds season 1. Well your look is over. Click our links and it will show you how to get access to all of the episodes of Weeds. Finding a good site to stream shows on is hard now a days so just be happy our search to watch weeds season 1 is now over. Enjoy your shows.